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Start Your Own Marketing Business!

If you are serious about starting your own marketing business, capable of providing you with a 6-Figure annual income, look no further than Guaranteed Hits. 

Whether you choose to make direct sales to local business owners or prefer to market an automated website business that sells itself, we have you covered.

When you become a licensed agent, you can earn monthly profits
by selling all of our products and services, including:

  • National & Local Guaranteed Hits
  • Top-Rated SEO Services
  • Text Message & Email Marketing
  • Automated Social Media Marketing
  • Plus much more...
There is no programming or technical experience required, as we provide you with a turnkey system that handles all product and service fulfillment, leaving you to focus on the sales and marketing of your business.

Our licensing fees are very affordable!
  • Non-Exclusive Agent's License = $500.00 down, plus $50/mo.

  • Exclusive Small Town Agency License = $995.00 down, plus $99/mo.

  • Exclusive City-Wide Agency License = $2,495.00 down, plus $150/mo.

  • Exclusive County-Wide Agency License = $4,995.00 down, plus $250/mo.

  • Exclusive State-Wide Agency License = $9,995.00 down, plus $300/mo.
You will be paid 35%-60% of every sale, including all reorders and automated monthly billing payments.

You will receive a personalized website, programmed and designed to offer all of the same 
products and services found on our website.

Customers can signup online using their credit card for any of our products and services.
You can track these sales and the revenue you have earned online, 24/7.

We will provide you with all the training and ongoing sales support you need to be successful.

It only takes 3 business days to get up and running!
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